Who Needs a Coach?

I get asked this question from time to time… and the simple answer is, someone who wants to transition to beyond being good, to becoming GREAT!!

With this primary need identified, we can consider all the related follow-up questions like, “How should I pick a coach?” and “What’s the difference between a coach and a mentor?” Let’s consider all of these questions:

Who needs a coach?

Well, that could be anyone who…

–       Desires to improve, personally or professionally

–       Is seeking clarity of purpose and intent

–       Wants high-quality results and outcomes

–       Requires a disciplined approach to goal achievement

–       Is in a demanding life and is looking for a collaborative goal partner

How do I pick a coach?

Well, there’s an old saying…

–       “Beware of the coach who doesn’t have a coach”.

This saying implies a critical point. Once anyone stops learning, or even worse, refuses to be open to other learning possibilities, they become “un-coachable”. Who wants a coach who is un-coachable? Make sure your coach is committed to continuous learning as a lifelong student and is committed to expanding their own knowledge.

What’s the difference between a coach and a mentor?

One simple way of differentiating between a coach and a mentor is…

–       A “Mentor” tells, and

–       A “Coach” sells

In other words, a mentor is someone who has experience, skills, and abilities, which you want to acquire or learn. So when working with a mentor you learn from them. Consider these mentor relationships, Yoda (and Luke) from the movie Star Wars, and Mr. Miyagi (and Daniel) from the movie the Karate Kid (1984), or Mr. Han (and Dre) in the 2010 version of the Karate Kid. These references exemplify that a Mentor “tells” by sharing.

A coach takes the time to get to know you and works diligently to understand your unique skills, abilities, and personality traits. A coach learns about your past, audits your current situation or present state, inquires about what you desire (your future wants), and then combines all of this knowledge to facilitate you in executing and taking the correct action, utilizing your skills and abilities you already possess; including those habitual patterns that keep you stuck.  A coach “sells” you on your abilities and convinces you that you can do it (whatever “it” might be).

Given the above explanations, the best all around “self-leadership” coach would be a blend of both a mentor and a coach; an individual who has the ability to teach, support, and who believes in your potential to push beyond your comfort level and achieve your goals, your loves, and your legacy.

Keeping the above in mind, watch the short video clip below and see if you can recognize the characteristics of both a coach and a mentor.

Who Needs a Coach – You DO (Actually, we all do)

Where The Head Goes…Performance Solutions provides the kind of coaching and mentoring programs that are designed to allow you to take the first real step towards ownership of your future. Our coaching allows you to face the world with clarity of your intention, your purpose, and your reason for being; cherishing the unique value that you bring to the world where you become your greatest self. Contacting us for a free consultation.

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