What Converts Vision into Reality?

How do you convert a clear and compelling vision into a reality? Through action, obviously. But not just any action. We must take the correct action to achieve our vision… more common sense that isn’t so common; as evidenced by many of us visionary folk who are either taking no action or continually choosing the wrong action.

In our last article we discussed the importance of having a clear and compelling vision; a vision that comes from the heart and has the ability to inspire, motivate, and enroll others with similar desire and purpose.

Vision is the “WHY.”

It states your purpose in terms of a final outcome. Vision is definitely required. However, there is something else needed to drive disciplined action.

Given that some of us visionary folk are taking no action (which some would simply label as “dreaming” or “imagining”), let’s expand on our initial question. What’s needed, in addition to a clear and compelling vision, to drive us to take the correct action to convert vision into reality?


Conviction is the glue that connects vision and action. Conviction fuels action. Conviction is the unrelenting belief that your vision is or will become a reality.

Don’t confuse convictions with values. They’re different. The distinction I would draw is that values often get traded depending on the situation. Convictions never get traded. Convictions absolutely drive action.

Two examples of conviction:

1) In a recent discussion with a colleague, we were reminiscing about our experiences of the relationship dynamics between superior and subordinate; in particular, a mutual boss who would often dictate questionable and, in some cases, unwarranted and even unethical directives to employees. As we shared examples of others who had traded their values in an attempt to please their boss, my colleague (with a high degree of pride in his defiance of falling victim to the boss’s directives) declared the parallel, “I’ve never kicked a dog in my life, and I never will.” That’s an example of conviction.

2) During the 27 years that Nelson Mandela was in prison, he invited the entire world to imagine a future without social injustice and oppression on the premise that “It all seems impossible until it’s done,” and living by the conviction that “Love is the way of friend and foe.” This is another example of conviction.

These are just two examples of deeply held conviction that fueled specific actions; actions that helped realize a vision and created a desired future.

It is the correct action in the now that determines an outcome in the future; and the way of a true leader or a warrior is to shape his or her fate through correct and disciplined action. You’ll never witness a true leader simply “hoping” that a desired future magically appears. No, they make it happen with correct, frequent and disciplined actions that create the conditions for the defined future to occur. It is the consistent and practical application of disciplined action that is the true measure of a person’s character.

In summary, what turns vision into reality?




It’s the combination of vision plus conviction, with passion and correct action that defines a person’s character and ultimately determines their fate. This is true for any individual, team, or business.

Take Charge of Your Fate

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