Eliminate Stress through Leadership

–       How’s your stress level?

–       What’s causing your stress?

–       Are you a victim of stress? Or,

–       Are you coping and barely surviving with it? Or, are you

–       Hoping for a miracle, or someone to make it stop, maybe praying for a lottery win?!

This isn’t another post to tell you how to manage stress. Managing stress is about coping, or simply surviving, or getting by. There’s more to life than coping.

This article is about enabling you to become a leader, and not just any leader, but an authentic Level 5 Leader; a leader who possesses a high degree of emotional and social intelligence, with a crystal clear mission and the willpower to convert their mission into a ‘cause’ for the greater good of others ahead of themselves.

With this kind of leadership capacity you will have the ability to transform stress from being harmful, to becoming a performance multiplier and a tool that calls you into action

Interested? Read on.

Let’s begin with establishing some context; and for this we’ll utilize this definition of stress.

Stressis the emotional and physical reaction that happens when we resist, regret, and/or begrudgingly accept our current reality.

In this contextual definition, stress is simply a call-to-action, and nothing else. Oh, and by the way, the call-to-action is yours! You’re the one who is accountable for the stress once its present in your life, and no one else.

Now that we’ve established context and accountability, lets make a very important distinction:

Your experience of stress is present as a result of either:

1)   Something, someone, or some event that has happened, or is happening completely out of your control, or

2)   Is present because of something you’ve done or not done

So the distinction here is, regardless how the stress manifests, its cause only serves as a learning opportunity for prevention in the future; and not an excuse to become and remain a victim of it.

What’s really important here is, no matter how the stress came into existence, once it’s present; you’re accountable for it.

Let’s recap.

–       Stress can be created by you or by someone else

–       Stress continues to exist as a result of your inactions or actions

–       Stress is a necessary indicator calling for you to choose and create the reality ‘you’ want,

–       Stress is a ‘call-to-action’ for you to take a leadership role, and

–       Whether you created stress or not, doesn’t matter, its your ‘tool’ for leadership

To ensure you have the capacity to be fully responsible for the leadership that’s required here, you’ll need to adopt and develop a high level of self-awareness, emotional/social and relationship intelligence (AKA – Level 5 Leadership). In fact, to develop these elements at an exponential rate, you have to develop them all at the same time. And here’s the ‘KICKER’…

‘You can’t learn this stuff from reading a BOOK, ARTICLE, or BLOG…or by sitting on your butt in a class room’

To learn it, you have to experience it, in a full body and mind way, through a completely guided, physical, emotional, and intellectual experience.

The Best part?

The only way to learn these authentic leadership traits is through a full physical, emotional, and intellectual experience.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 1.56.55 PM

The only way to learn these authentic leadership traits is by acknowledging, embracing and supporting the powerful leader in you.

Become the kind of leader that takes a stand for what’s important and transforms stress from being harmful, to becoming your personal trigger that calls you into ACTION.

Your ‘Call-to-Action’

I invite you reframe your ‘stress’ into ’empowerment’ and to discover more about your unique leadership capacity and you ability to create the results you want in life, by contacting us for a consultation.

Take action, and act now… ‘Contact’


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