“All Work and No Play…” – The Life Giving Power of Laughter

Have you heard the one about the…!

Humour… who doesn’t love a good laugh? In our last article “Frequency – A Critical Component of Success” we considered how frequent laughter improves relationships. Well, consider that laughter also improves just about everything else in life, including our health and our relationships.

Case in point, I was watching an interview with comedian Bob Newhart last month and he attributed the success of his 48-year marriage to the laughter within the marriage. In fact, Bob pointed out that the majority of the great comedians have all had long lasting marriages – these are compelling facts.

Bob told a story about when his wife Ginnie firmly reminded him on one particular Tuesday, for him to prepare and take the “re-cycling” to the curb for its Wednesday pick-up. Bob a little miffed at the firm request, retorts by asking his wife, “do you think that Paul Newman’s wife (Joanne Woodward) ever asked Paul Newman to take out the recycling?” where Bob’s wife Ginnie quickly replied, “if you were Paul Newman, I wouldn’t ask you to take out the recycling”!

You can imagine Bob’s reaction…

For all those who didn’t see the recent Super Bowl commercials (and for those who did), as usual, there were some really funny commercials. My favorite one is the Volkswagen commercial, “The Force”. You can’t help but smile at this one.

I am blessed with some really great people within my community who keep sharing humour with me; and they always seems to know, those times in my life when I need laughter most. Here are a couple of funny videos I received from one very good friend in particular who knows, all to well, how to get me rolling on the floor with laughter.

Enjoy… and don’t forget to include frequent laughter in your life.

Funny Animals

What Makes You Laugh?

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  1. Brian Niles 13 years ago

    Allen! Allen! Too funny, thanks for the belly laugh.

    • Author
      Greg Martin 13 years ago

      Your welcome Brian. I love that little guy… he reminds me someone I know who is just as unrelenting.

  2. Gil Namur 13 years ago

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks! Its been a pleasure to work with you on this project and I wish you every success moving forward. As the Martial Arts master said in the first video clip … OOOS!!!!



    • Author
      Greg Martin 13 years ago

      Thanks Gil

  3. Ken Marchtaler 13 years ago

    Just wondering if that was you breaking those boards….! Ha… Thanks for the laughs..!

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