You will either Lead or You’ll Follow, You Decide.

Where the Head Goes produces meaningful performance results for executives and businesses using forensic performance audits, distinct business tools and coaching systems that create discovery, excitement and engagement, foster innovation, integrity and promote value. Our programs enable optimal business environments and human conditioning for personal and professional leadership and mastery. Where culture and community thrive, and people adopt a rewarding and inspirational journey of fulfillment.

Greg Martin, Performance Strategist

What our Clients are Saying

A Proven Track Record

Developed over two+ decades of field experience and performance success in a variety of industries, from consumer packaged goods to manufacturing, education, construction, software development, adventure tourism, and many others, WTHG was founded in 2008 to deliver high-performance benefits tailored to meet specific client needs. Greg’s clients have included the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria, Heritage BC, Commissionaires – Victoria, the Islands & Yukon, Kinsol Timber Systems, Backfit Clinic & Livfit Studio, Amped Electrical, NEC Engineering, Gitxaala Nation, Nortec Consulting, Vytogo, Urban Forest, Peninsula Co-op, HeroWork, Stratis Publishing, Scouts Canada, Threshold Housing, WildPlay Element Parks, Procura/Progressa Health and Island Farms.

Performance Highlights

+ Assessed, prioritized, and leveraged the capacities of the senior executive team to allow for the necessary conditions for the team to work in harmony with wellness, alignment, and performance as the key elements for focused engagement
+ Reduced management overhead costs through the development of leadership capacities in all functional positions that has allowed for economies of scale and a more human centric organization
+ Established a new corporate context for health and wellness accountability based in a culture of care that enabled the ability for anyone and everyone to be a champion of health and safety. The result was the elimination of the legacy safety policing approach that reduced management costs and improved accident preventionent engagement
+ Developed a custom set of ‘leadership guiding principles’ to foster skills development, and facilitate a service mindset with inherent trust even in times of conflict
+ Created an individual accountability protocol and performance measurement system that honored and aligned individual value to organizational needs, and established inclusion, ownership, commitment, and meaningful intervention that created results
+ Re-engineered the sales and business development process to leverage skills, resulting in cost effective lead generation, increased pipeline value and sales conversions and improved levels of client engagement

Guiding Values

Integrity – that goes beyond actions simply matching words; it’s about causing integrity in everything from relationships, to systems, to outcomes.
Value – it’s about recognizing and acknowledging the value of every human being in a way that enables the creation of value, as a feeling and as in quantifiable outcomes. It’s consistent action guided by virtues.
Engagement – that begins with the smallest of gestures that creates relationship, paving the way for growth into a community committed to accomplishing something meaningful and worthy; creating a reason for celebration.

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